Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Northern Coire Ski Touring

Skied the Northern Coires today in a 10.5km loop starting and ending at the Cairngorm Ski center. It was nice but the snow was sparse and the plateau was very icy, I wish I'd had my ski crampons with me. Started at the ski center, went up to Cairngorm, down to the top of Coire Cas, over and up Coire an t'Sneadcha, and straight into a whiteout as I climbed up onto top of Coire an Lochan, then dropped down into Coire an Lochan into some nice leeward deposited snow, 3-4 inches of soft fluffy stuff. However, I wasn't able to ski the exact line I wanted to because there were climbers below me coming up the face. Still, a good day, pretty much 4 hours round trip on the dot.

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